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Newcomers to Airbnb made $1 billion despite COVID-19

We explore how the growing pent-up travel demand have benefitted new Airbnb owners resulting in worldwide earnings surpassing US$1 billion. Find out more!

Airbnb reported that new hosts who started operating at the beginning of the pandemic have now earned more than one billion dollars. These new hosts have only one listing but have benefited from the shifting preferences of travellers over the past months.

Since the pandemic began, a pent-up travel demand has steadily been growing. A recent consumer poll performed by the company revealed the participants’ sentiments on how they want to get out of their own homes after many months in isolation. Airbnbs provide safer alternatives to cater to this demand as opposed to other types of holiday accommodation.

This yearning for travel, along with Airbnb’s unique offer to provide safe and comfortable places to stay, has created a great economic opportunity for hosts to earn from their existing properties. The level of confidence when staying in an Airbnb is on the rise. Not only does it mean less exposure from fellow travellers, but it also protects both guests and homeowners due to new protocols the company has put in place. In addition to the Enhanced Clean Protocol that the company developed, they have also recently announced the launch of their Health Safety Attestation. This new tool has enabled hosts to request an attestation from potential guests to guarantee that they are negative from COVID-19 and have not shown any symptoms nor have been unknowingly exposed to the virus.

The company’s commitment to preserving the safety of both parties has been instrumental in the shift of traveller’s preference and behaviour. As the pandemic remains, the rise for Airbnb demand continues to grow and the demand for these kinds of accommodation will keep opening new doors for those who want to financially benefit from short-term rentals.

Read the full report here.

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