Our Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years Hometime has offered Airbnb management services to hundreds of homeowners in Australia and New Zealand. We primarily focus on holiday home and investment property management taking care of every aspect that comes with managing a property in the short-term rental market. Below are some of the questions we’re asked most frequently.


Hometime's Local Hosts

Would you vet guests that come into my home?

Yes, during the initial meeting and property inspection your Local Host will take note of any guest requirements and house rules you may have. If your property isn’t suited for pets we will add that to your listing; and if you’re looking to only accept children over a certain age, we’ll vet that as well.

Will someone check in Airbnb guests?

It depends on the situation and your property. The majority of our properties have lock boxes and many guests prefer to check themselves in. In some cases, it may be necessary for a Host to be present during the check-in and they will gladly assist your guests.

Who will be taking care of my property?

You’ll be partnered with a Local Host who runs the ground operations. Your Host will meet you at your property for the initial property inspection. We’re proud to mention that our Local Hosts are the top-rated part of our service every time we conduct a customer survey. They build trust and a relationship with homeowners throughout the management contract. Aspects like listing creation and optimising, pricing and technology etc. is handled by our central specialist teams.


About Hometime and Our Airbnb Management Model

How many properties does Hometime manage?

Since our launch in 2015, we have managed over a thousand properties in major cities around Australia and holiday markets such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Mornington Peninsula. We are one of the most successful Airbnb management companies in the APAC region and an Airbnb Professional Co-Host.

How long has Hometime been managing Airbnb’s?

Hometime was founded in 2014 and officially launched in 2015. We began managing properties in Sydney and quickly grew to the rest of Australia and New Zealand.

Do you manage single rooms / or shared properties?

No, we only focus on managing entire homes or apartments.

Is Hometime a part of Airbnb?

Hometime is a privately owned independent business with strong backing from well-established investment funds like NAB Ventures. However, we have a very close partnership with Airbnb. We are also formally certified as an Airbnb Professional Co-Host. This certification is only available to a handful of professional hosts that meet high service level criteria.


Hometime's Airbnb Cleaning Services

Do you provide linen and other supplies?

Yes, we supply white linen, towels and other guest amenities like toilet paper, earbuds, cotton wool, coffee and tea etc.

Who will pay for my Airbnb to be cleaned?

Guests staying at your property will be charged a separate cleaning fee as per Airbnb’s standard. This fee is specific to every property and is determined after the initial property inspection.

Can I arrange for my Airbnb to be cleaned myself?

Hometime offers a full Airbnb property management service with no partial services. It’s not ideal for homeowners to clean the properties or arrange for them to be cleaned themselves. Airbnb cleaning is very specific, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic broke out. If cleaning is not done up to standard it can impact your reviews, guest experience and ultimately property performance.


Hometime’s Services

What do your services include?

We offer a full range of Airbnb management services including the following:

Onboarding and helping you set your property up for Airbnb

Acquiring and vetting guests as well as providing them with a 5-star hospitality experience

Providing monthly reports and marketing updates to our customers

Managing and resolving disputes so that our clients’ properties are always kept to the best standards

Providing local co-hosts for every client and their property

Creating property listing to showcase its full value through top-class professional photography, professional copy and best practices that we have developed over the years

Managing cleaning, maintenance and communications for every guest turnover

Sourcing, vetting and coordinating suppliers that provide top quality linen, consumables and other services required to successfully run a short-term rental

Delivering above the market returns via a specialised revenue management team, robust data sets and top of the market technology

What does Hometime charge for their services?

We charge a once-off onboarding fee with the option of adding a professional photoshoot to optimise and update your listing. The onboarding fee is transparent and only covers the costs to get your property ready for Airbnb. This may include some maintenance, a photoshoot and lockboxes etc.

From there it’s a percentage commission based on the rate charged for nights booked. The fees are calculated based on the booking earnings.There is a separate cleaning fee that’s charged to the guest to cover the cleaning expenses of the property.

This fee is specific to every property and is determined after the inspection. We only earn if your property performs on the Airbnb market.

Is there an onboarding fee and how much is it?

The onboarding fee differs depending on the size of your property whether you have a lockbox, need any maintenance issues resolved or interior styling and decorating. These fees are determined after the site inspection and will be discussed with you before signing an agreement. You will have total transparency during the process and know exactly how your onboarding fee is being used.

How long does it take to onboard my property and start earning?

The process usually takes 2 - 4 weeks depending on whether you have any additional maintenance issues that need to be resolved. The process may take longer if you require furnishing, styling and decorating.

Can I block off nights when I want to use my property?

Yes, you’ll gain access to the Hometime Platform once your property has been onboarded. The platform will give you access to block out desired dates and give you insight into the performance of your property.

Are there any contracts involved before signing up to Hometime?

Yes, there will be a standard agreement signed for you to be onboarded to our portfolio of properties. Our property consultants will go over the agreement with you and answer any questions you may have.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract?

We do not have a lock-in period but we require a 2-month notice period to handle any bookings made in that timeframe.

How much will I make per night?

We have a specialised revenue management team whose sole job is to manage, optimise channels and property pricing. Broadly we manage pricing across a few different levels:

a) algorithmically set prices, that respond to market supply and demand dynamics, multiple times a day;

b) overarching strategies based on our experience and data insights to account for any broad market changes (i.e. school holidays, events, border restrictions;

c) individual review and performance optimisation of properties that show low bookability scores (i.e. gets lower performance than we’d expect).

As far as we know, our approach to revenue and pricing is the most robust in the APAC region and matches or even exceeds what some of the most sophisticated players in this industry do.

Who will cover the electricity and water bills?

Electricity and water bills will be covered by the homeowner as per the agreement.