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Five automated messages to up your Airbnb management game

Do you want to automate your Airbnb messages to streamline your business? We share 5 automated message templates to step up your Airbnb management game!

Struggling to think of a fool-proof automated message process to communicate with your guests throughout their stay?

We’ve put together the top 5 most important automated message templates for your short-term rental management game.

These messages will ensure you maintain a good rapport, have open communication should anything go wrong and let your guests know you care.

Booking confirmation

The first message you send is a great chance to impress your guests to show you’re an attentive and professional host who’s invested in providing a great stay. It is important you send this message as soon as they have made a booking at your home. In this message, thank your guests for booking your place, tell them you will SEND check-in instructions in the coming days. Lastly, encourage your guests to get in touch with any questions they might have.

Template example

*Hey [guest first name],

Thank you for choosing my home for your stay. I look forward to hosting you!

Please confirm your check-in time so I can be home to welcome you. The address is xxx.

We have a driver that can collect or drop you from the airport. His direct number is xxx

I will send you a personal code for the keyless door entry system on the day you arrive. The code will be live at 11 am on the day you check-in.

I will send more details closer to your arrival date but in the meantime, if you have any questions, let me know via my direct number xxx or message me on the Airbnb platform.

Thank you,*

Welcome + check-in

Check-in messages should include all the details a guest needs to begin their stay. These include:

  • A reminder of arrival/ check-in times
  • A reminder of departure/ check-out times
  • Address and directions to the property
  • Key instructions (lockbox or code)
  • Wifi password
  • House rules (where to find the manual copy or to send a digital copy)

Template example

*Hey [guest first name],

I just wanted to check in and give you more details about your stay.

Access code: XXX

The property is equipped with a keyless door lock that is activated using a code. The code will be LIVE from 11 am onwards on the day of your check-in. Please close the front door after you have entered the property.

The address: XXX

Directions are: XXX

Additional information: There are basics like bread, milk, eggs and butter in the fridge with a selection of teas and coffee. Please use the fridge to store your personal items.

The wifi code is on the desk in your room and there is a guidebook that shares more information about the property.

Please remember there is a strict no smoking policy inside the property Please CLOSE the front door when you exit the property. A reminder that check-out is at 11 am.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me on XXX

Thank you,*

General check-up

Checking in on how your guests are doing is a great way to ensure a seamless experience for them. We suggest scheduling this message for the morning after check-in, once your guests have settled in and have spent a night at your property.

Template example

*Hey [guest first name],

I hope you enjoyed your first night's stay.

This is just a check-in message to make sure you are settled and have everything you need.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or requirements.


Check-out instructions

The check-out message is usually sent the night before departure to remind guests of check-out times. and give them further instructions. If you are using a lockbox, remind guests to lock the door and drop the key in it on their way out.

You can also take advantage of this message to ask your guests to follow your house rules before they leave.

Template example

Hey [guest first name],

*I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Sadly it is your last night and we have guests checking in tomorrow afternoon at 2 pm. This means check-out is at 11 am so we can prepare your room for our next guests.

A reminder to please leave your key in the lockbox. Please CLOSE the front door behind you downstairs when you leave.

If you have any issues or suggestions on how we could improve, please send them to me on this messenger as we welcome your feedback.

Safe travels and hope to see you again!

Thank you.*

Post-check-out follow up

Guests might not respond the first time you ask them for a review. When this happens, make sure you send them a reminder a few days later as Airbnb does not send out reminders. Guests have 14 days to leave reviews on Airbnb and if they fail to send one on time, you won’t get a review and they won’t find out what you wrote about them.

Template example

*Hey [guest first name]!

Thank you so much for staying at our apartment and taking great care of our place!

If you enjoyed your stay and wouldn’t mind, may you write us a review about your favourite parts of our property? I'll be sure to leave you a good review as well!

If you are unable to rate us as 5 stars or have any questions at all, please let us know.

Take care,*

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